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Handy Seat


HANDY SEAT is a Sport Seat under a different name so as not to confuse its use as a sporting goods item. Handy Seat is produced in both black and gray models, and is available for immediate delivery.

HANDY SEAT was develop for travelers and people who do not want a sport themed seat. Handy Seat is produced in both black and grey models, and is available for immediate delivery

HANDY SEAT provides easy the perfect "Sit anywhere, Anytime" convenience for any traveler at minimal cost.


The perfect accessory for your HANDY SEAT. Our seat cushion is a padded cover that easily attaches to the seat by expandable straps. Covered in faux sheepskin on one side and black nylon on the other, it is reversible.

Handy Seat

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250 lbs Maximum weight limit

Sit with the handle in the front of you.
(Straddle the handle.)


Put your group name or special event on HANDY SEAT and take advantage of increased promotion at little or no extra cost. The superb quality of HANDY SEAT will create a positive image for your group or event. Please refer to custom services page for information.

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